Dallas, a Great Choice for Company Headquarters

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When considering a location for the home office of Alsbridge, Inc., Ben Trowbridge chose Dallas. Alsbridge, Inc. is a leading provider of outsourcing solutions to companies around the world. The company was built by Mr. Trowbridge in 2002 and initially known as The Trowbridge Group. Since then it has merged with ALS Consulting, located in London, and evolved into the company it is today, one of 2011’s leading outsourcing advisory firms.

The city of Dallas was a logical choice for the Alsbridge, Inc. headquarters. Dallas is a large, sprawling city of over one million residents, and is centrally located about halfway between the East and West Coasts of the United States. Its Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is the world’s third busiest air transportation center, offering over 1,600 flights per day to locations all over the world. A smaller but popular air transit location, Dallas Love Field Airport, is also conveniently stationed only 10 minutes from the downtown area, and the city is a global hub for industry.

As a leading center for business and conventions, Dallas is home to 12 Fortune 500 companies including J.C. Penney Company, Inc., AT&T, Exxon Mobil Corporation, and TXU Energy Retail Company LLC. Dallas boasts well-known and respected professional football team The Dallas Cowboys, as well as the popular baseball team The Texas Rangers. The city’s professional basketball team, the Dallas Mavericks, holds conference championships for 2006 and 2011.

Over the years, Dallas has emerged as a strong economic and industrial center providing reasonably priced labor along with an abundance of prime real estate at costs well below the national average. In addition, it offers a rich cultural experience with museums, art, and architecture to rival any city.

Ben Trowbridge and Alsbridge, Inc. plan to continue to call Dallas home for many years to come. Though the company continues to expand, reaching around the globe to provide benchmarking and shared-services consulting to businesses from London to Hong Kong, this vibrant city remains an ideal home.

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Entrepreneur Ben Trowbridge, an Alumnus of Northwestern State University

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An alumnus of Northwestern State University (NSU), Ben Trowbridge has built a productive career in business. Mr. Trowbridge worked for years in various ventures before launching his own company, Alsbridge, Inc., in 2002. Alsbridge, Inc. is an award winning Dallas-based firm that provides consulting services to executive clients seeking assistance with outsourcing, benchmarking, and shared services.

With a Bachelor of Arts from Northwestern State University, Ben Trowbridge has a strong educational background. His academic experience prepared him for an impressive career, first in the military and later in his work with numerous companies seeking advice on business processes and information technology. Trowbridge, like many entrepreneurs, used his college years to build a solid foundation for future success by learning about self –discipline and leadership.

Northwestern State University offers its students a broad range of academic and athletic programs. The college enjoys a rich cultural history. Natchitoches, the town in which the college is located, is the oldest settlement of the Louisiana Purchase, and is well known as the quaint area portrayed in the movie, “Steel Magnolias.”

The college was established in 1884 and offers over 50 degree programs, as well hosting the state’s honors college for the sciences and liberal arts. It has an average annual enrollment of 10,000 students. In 1954, Northwestern became the first college under the jurisdiction of the Louisiana State Board of Education to offer students a Master’s degree program.

Today, Northwestern State University continues to prepare its students for a lifetime of learning and for a wide range of careers. As in the case of Ben Trowbridge, many of its students move forward fully prepared to build their own successful business and become tomorrow’s success stories.

Alsbridge CEO Ben Trowbridge on Renewing, Renegotiating, and Rebidding

While many companies default to renewing their current contracts with outsourcing providers, recent advances in the industry often make renewal an unwise decision. In recent years, providers have been able to provide better services for lower costs and contracts now more than ever protect the interests of both providers and clients. Buyers must often enter into strenuous negotiations in order to take advantage of these advances, but the benefits should not be ignored. Some companies may even want to rebid should their current providers prove unwilling to negotiate. Before beginning the process, clients should generally perform a comprehensive market benchmarking assessment, understanding how their services and pricing structure compare to those of other providers.

Other important issues to consider include legal protection, efficiency, and security. Before beginning the renegotiation process, businesses must ensure that they have a good relationship with the service provider and state intentions as soon as possible to avoid hard feelings. Clients naturally have less leverage during renegotiations than rebids, making it imperative that they use their market analysis to outline the exact changes they wish to see and use the benchmarking as support. They should ask the provider to respond to all suggested changes in writing and then respond promptly to the reply, stating the conditions that must be met before proceeding.

If uncomfortable with the renegotiation process, businesses may opt for competitive procurement. Otherwise, they should create a rigid schedule for the renegotiation process and begin right away by sending an amended legal agreement to the provider. Clients must always maintain their right to competitive procurement should the renegotiation not make rates and services and par with the market and fair to both parties involved. Even if the result does not prove market competitive, many companies choose to accept the new agreement to maintain a good relationship with the provider.

Renewal becomes a great option when market analyses show the current contract comparable to those of competing providers and the company has a positive relationship with the provider. Others may renew due to certain constraints on the business that make it unwise to change service providers. Generally, renewals should only last another one or two years. Should renegotiation fail and renewal not remain a viable option, clients may begin the rebid process. This does not preclude signing a new contract with the same provider.

Instead, it means that clients will seriously consider offers from other providers, forcing the current provider to become more competitive. During the process, businesses must create a legal agreement covering terms, pricing, and service level agreements, as well as a Request for Proposal (RFP), which includes instructions to potential providers and outlines IT needs. The rebid process almost always results in considerable savings, but may damage relations with the current provider.

About the Author: Ben Trowbridge founded Alsbridge, Inc., the Dallas, Texas-based global consulting firm with expertise in sourcing and benchmarking. Mr. Trowbridge’s company will be hosting the 2011 Alsbridge OL Summit for CIOs in four cities. The theme will be “Cloud Sourcing: Harnessing the Forces of Change for Competitive Advantage.”

TX Tough 250’s Ride for Charity

Alsbridge founder Ben Trowbridge devotes time to his company as well as his community. A passionate cyclist and activist, Trowbridge announced in May that he would ride from Austin to Dallas in the TX Tough 250 to raise funds for the pediatric nonprofit Passion for Children’s.

The TX Tough 250 consists of Dallas’ 250 most influential leaders in business, politics, and philanthropy. Together, the group pledged to raise a total of $1 million for Passion for Children’s, which in turn will utilize the funds to support the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas. Ben Trowbridge joined the TX Tough 250 after taking up cycling less than a year ago. He completed the group’s first annual 180-mile ride May 7 and 8, 2011, raising more than $12,000 in the process.

“Health is the foundation of opportunity,” Trowbridge said at the time he made his pledge to ride. As a nonprofit health care provider, the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas relies on donations to continue offering high-quality services and treatments to more than 400,000 patients every year. The Children’s Medical Center has never turned anyone away for their inability to pay. With the funds raised through the TX Tough 250 ride going directly to the organization’s charity auxiliary, Trowbridge hopes to “help ensure no child is denied needed medical attention due to money.”