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Entrepreneur Ben Trowbridge, an Alumnus of Northwestern State University

October 21, 2011 Leave a comment

An alumnus of Northwestern State University (NSU), Ben Trowbridge has built a productive career in business. Mr. Trowbridge worked for years in various ventures before launching his own company, Alsbridge, Inc., in 2002. Alsbridge, Inc. is an award winning Dallas-based firm that provides consulting services to executive clients seeking assistance with outsourcing, benchmarking, and shared services.

With a Bachelor of Arts from Northwestern State University, Ben Trowbridge has a strong educational background. His academic experience prepared him for an impressive career, first in the military and later in his work with numerous companies seeking advice on business processes and information technology. Trowbridge, like many entrepreneurs, used his college years to build a solid foundation for future success by learning about self –discipline and leadership.

Northwestern State University offers its students a broad range of academic and athletic programs. The college enjoys a rich cultural history. Natchitoches, the town in which the college is located, is the oldest settlement of the Louisiana Purchase, and is well known as the quaint area portrayed in the movie, “Steel Magnolias.”

The college was established in 1884 and offers over 50 degree programs, as well hosting the state’s honors college for the sciences and liberal arts. It has an average annual enrollment of 10,000 students. In 1954, Northwestern became the first college under the jurisdiction of the Louisiana State Board of Education to offer students a Master’s degree program.

Today, Northwestern State University continues to prepare its students for a lifetime of learning and for a wide range of careers. As in the case of Ben Trowbridge, many of its students move forward fully prepared to build their own successful business and become tomorrow’s success stories.