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TX Tough 250’s Ride for Charity

Alsbridge founder Ben Trowbridge devotes time to his company as well as his community. A passionate cyclist and activist, Trowbridge announced in May that he would ride from Austin to Dallas in the TX Tough 250 to raise funds for the pediatric nonprofit Passion for Children’s.

The TX Tough 250 consists of Dallas’ 250 most influential leaders in business, politics, and philanthropy. Together, the group pledged to raise a total of $1 million for Passion for Children’s, which in turn will utilize the funds to support the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas. Ben Trowbridge joined the TX Tough 250 after taking up cycling less than a year ago. He completed the group’s first annual 180-mile ride May 7 and 8, 2011, raising more than $12,000 in the process.

“Health is the foundation of opportunity,” Trowbridge said at the time he made his pledge to ride. As a nonprofit health care provider, the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas relies on donations to continue offering high-quality services and treatments to more than 400,000 patients every year. The Children’s Medical Center has never turned anyone away for their inability to pay. With the funds raised through the TX Tough 250 ride going directly to the organization’s charity auxiliary, Trowbridge hopes to “help ensure no child is denied needed medical attention due to money.”